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Moving your business into online operation is simply not enough you make you a force to reckon with in the internet. There is much more to be done. You should ensure that your website is modern and has up to date features and qualities that give it major presence online. It is this presence helps to increase revenue. webslice specializes in designing websites that help clients to maximize on their profits.

We ensure that your website has user friendly features and that surfers get everything they need within. Visitors are guaranteed to spend more time on your site and keep coming back again and again. SEO has experts in web designed with experience in designing cutting edge websites that yield desirable results for our clients.

web development

webslice develops quality websites that are guaranteed to turn your fortunes around. Our web design experts study and understand your industry and identify loopholes that can be used to beat the competition. We also make sure we develop your site in a way it will be relevant and conform to your industry. webslice also offers web maintenance services like updating content and doing new graphics.

We take into account the webslice Six-Step Approach used in web development:

  • Strategize and Define: - This is where we meet the client and get an idea of the scope of work needed and give the initial quote. At this stage we listen to the clients ideas and develop them to come up with a nice design that goes with the objectives and aims of the website.
  • Plan and Produce: - This is where we put your ideas into exploration to come up with a skeleton and proto site. This is then further given codes and some designing and the development part of it is done.
  • Content and Refine: - This is the stage where web content is implemented into the site and the designs are given final finishing. The Alfa and beta releases are then submitted for critique after which corrections are done.
  • Test and Assure Quality:- At this stage, the codes are tested for errors; the links are checked to ensure they are working and lead to the correct pages. The test is also done to find out the sites capability with search engines.
  • Deploy and Verify: - By this time the site is ready for launching. We deploy the site to the host server and also do a transfer from webslice to a server of your choice. Before the site goes live it is verified to ensure everything is fully functional.
  • Train, Track and Adjust: - This is where we train the client on various aspects of the site he may need to be aware of. However at this stage we monitor the site while its live and make necessary adjustments to ensure your users get the best.

While we are at the forefront of and specialize in design-build, we are very familiar with a number of delivery methods and are confident we can find the process that will best help you meet your goals.


Good Brand Visibility on widely searched keywords - A good optimized site enjoys good brand visibility on related searched terms.Increase your sales online with the help of search engines - Top ranking on major search engines ensures regular visitors to your site and increases the chance of sales.Maximize Return on investment (ROI) - Amount invested on SEO increases the overall ROI of the organization.


When it comes to creating professional web design, there are certain qualities and elements of how you put your data so that you may not be able to tell the customer what services you offer,

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